The Onion Shed


Don’t get me wrong – dry days were fun. We went beach-combing for jerry-cans, glass buoys and cowrie shells. We slashed paths through the woods with scythes.

But wet days were glorious. We holed up in Granny’s onion shed, oblivious to the rain teeming down outside, playing shove-ha’penny with green-stained tuppence bits. We painstakingly decorated empty wooden boxes, her monthly order of Turkish cigarettes from Fortnum and Masons. Tiny brass hinges yawned open and inside the crumpled tissue paper breathed camels and spices, deserts, weathered dark faces and hot dusty leather, and stole you away to another world.

Kit Hollings

Cumrew House Awayday

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away day at cumrew house

Mungrisdale Writers’ AwayDay at Cumrew House
Thursday 25th May 2017 10.30am – 3pm

Chair Cathy Johnson is co-ordinating our AwayDay this year, by kind invitation of Mungrisdale Writer Kit Hollings. In the glorious Eden Valley, Kit’s home is the wonderful old Manor, Cumrew House, a perfect setting, coupled with Kit’s lovely hospitality, to encourage the creativity of all who are able to share in the opportunity. Flyer here (pdf), with details and travel directions.




Photo at Pixabay

A gift of a day, unexpected,
found only in the incidental way of a passing remark;
a walk through almond terraces and tangled olive groves,
down, over warm rocks that smelled of salt and windblown pine
and rosemary.
We swam and the sun threw dots to dance around us.

Kit Hollings


Photo at Pexels

I like polishing sentences like stones, paring away till the end result is less, but hopefully more.

I like to be creative with the furniture of a sentence.

I’d like to learn the business of plot and pace, momentum and push. I’d like to finish what I start.

Kit Hollings