A Coleman Miscellany

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Humanity, imagination’s flow, and variety connect members of Mungrisdale Writers. Each of these qualities can be enjoyed in this little miscellany of Trevor Coleman’s recently shared work. 

A powerful character

A powerful character can be a modest person who can articulate their feelings and whose very presence brings joy and warmth to others’ lives. To be powerful person you don’t have to be the best at anything, simply a person able to cope with any situation in a way which pleases all.

Strengths and weaknesses in my writing

Where do I fit in as a writer?

I don’t feel I fit in. Having gatecrashed Mungrisdale Writers I now feel very welcome.

My strengths are few, a fertile imagination, an eagerness to put pen to paper, my search for humour.

My weaknesses are many, lack of belief, lack of English in my education, and possibly my search for humour.


What on earth can I write about “Lily”?

There’s Lily the Pink, the ones who are called Lily-Livered, the name of a flower, and I know it is a girl’s name, but I know not a girl named Lily.

I can I suppose write about an imaginary person named Lily, but I don’t trust my twisted imaginary powers, and my wife may not understand what I was doing in Lily’s bedroom.

I know I was only reading out my homework, but she may not believe me.

Perhaps I’ll write about a Lily Pond and play it safe.

Invisible woman

i) A female executive entered the meeting room to attend the firm’s monthly sales meeting.

She was the only female, no one gifted her a glance as she tried in vain to mingle. After several circuits of the crowded room, she opted for a seat, feeling completely invisible.

The managing director arrived, announced and rewarded the salesperson of the month, before introducing, after only one month’s probation, the new female sales manager.

She was asked to step forward. No longer invisible, she was centre stage, with everyone anxious to make her acquaintance.

ii) Another day at the office. The usual feeling of being completely invisible – despite the feeling of importance her input made. Once again a very sound suggestion, made by her and ignored by male counterparts a few days earlier, was today heralded and acted upon, when put forward by one of the men.

At the end of a long day she made her way home dispirited, feeling completely invisible.

Opening the front door she heard a stampede of small feet, delighted squeals with small arms clamouring for a hug. Not only was she now very visible, but an imaginary spotlight had picked her out.

iii) Working in a male environment had taken its toll; she now felt completely invisible.

By the time of Donald Trump’s election, still not being seen or heard, she decided to join an anti-Trump rally and revolt against the chief female invisibility maker.

Expecting to be one of a few hundred, she was amazed to find millions had joined the march to voice their concern.

The TV coverage next day was staggering. It showed the mass procession so vast its trail could be seen from the moon.

If seen from the moon, she was no longer invisible.

Trevor Coleman