End of term – keep in touch

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Absolutely super last day of term at Mungrisdale Writers today. Christmas Lunch after the session. Huge thanks to Angela Locke and the behind the scenes team who generously facilitate the community of writers we love so well. Fond farewells were expressed until we gather again on the 23rd February, together with hopes for keeping in touch between now and then.


i) keep an eye on mungrisdalewriters.com – noting next term’s dates, 23 February, 9 March,  23 March, and 6 April 2017 at 10.30-1.30pm

ii) drop a note to mwgpublicity@gmail.com – even if you just want a natter 

iii) write daily about anything and everything (in the journal you’re going to buy yourself tomorrow – if you haven’t already done so)

iv) buy and enjoy Angela’s recommendation The Unkindness of Ravens – a book of collective nouns 

v) talk to anyone and everyone about mungrisdale writers in the coming weeks and drop Simon a note at mwgpublicity@gmail.com if you’d like some more bookmarks to share hither and thither

vi) enjoy the ‘homework’ pieces that will be published here in the coming days

vii) send any finished works you’d like to be considered for publication on this members’ blog to mwgpublicity@gmail.com

Keep in touch!

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