A passionate man (!)

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A much loved Mungrisdale Writer sets forth his feelings

Confessions of a married man

I am a happily married man of many years and wish to confess an incestuous relationship with my new mistress. The affair has been rife for almost a year, my feelings are passionate, I write to her most days even if only in my thoughts.

My yearning for her disrupts my daily routine and affects the very rhythm of my life, but I am not a fool, I realise she cares little for me, she has many admirers both male and female, she is indifferent to whether I please her or not, she cares not for the agony I suffer searching for the perfect word, sentence or phrase just to please her.

We meet now every two weeks on a Thursday morning in a remote village, away from prying eyes other than those of other lovers using the same cover. I always do my best to impress her, but I always encounter others far more capable of holding her attention.

Whether she responds to my affection or spurns my future advances, my love is undying; her tentacles have a relentless grip.

My mistress is “Creative Writing” – our hideaway is Mungrisdale Village Hall.

Trevor Coleman

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