Mungrisdale Writers welcomed four new friends this morning so we had a full house – and shared some truly inspired and inspirational writing. After our short meditation session member Charles Woodhouse penned this piece – and it touched a chord with everyone present.


In every game, in every match, cricket or golf, and in every meeting, at my old law firm or now at Mungrisdale Writers, I have often felt I am not good enough.

Like an incomer, off comer or newcomer, I know the feeling of inadequacy.

Am I fit to be in this group, in this firm, in this side or on this tee?

Everyone else is better than me.

I do not want to be found out, exposed and embarrassed.

This is nonsense.

We are all newcomers and always will be.

Nerves, inhibitions and self doubts are normal. Without them, we would be unplayable and intolerable.

The best writing comes from the edge with some tension. The more unsure, the better the focus.

At least I hope that is so and I am not seeking a crutch.

Charles Woodhouse

One thought on “Newcomers

  1. This is one of the most insightful, and wise, pieces I have heard in years. ‘Writing from the edge’ is exactly how it is, and, crucially, how it feels! Feeling inadequate, or ill-equipped, we somehow produce diamonds!

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