Out of sight

out of sight | photo at pexels

She was out of sight, but he could feel her, as if she were there with him. Countless times they’d watched sunsets together over the years. But now she was gone, too soon, too young.

A young couple walked hand in hand on the dunes, but he had to close his eyes tight shut, and turn his head away … it was too agonising to watch couples so obviously in love. He felt so alone, so painfully alone.

Warm lights emanating from that house … “those folk are so lucky, enjoying their happy evening in” he imagined, whilst he stood there, alone.

“Why did you go?!” His voice bellowed angrily and uncontrollably through gritted teeth, whilst hot tears erupted from his screwed up eyes, tumbled down unshaven cheeks, and soaked his ear lobes with their scalding salinity. A helpless, guttural moan rang out from the depths of his being … And then he just stood silently.

It was then that he felt it, the gentle touch of her finger lightly stroking his hair. It was her, he knew it, he could feel it, and she was signalling she was here, right here, with him.

And something deep inside told him that the sun would set, then rise again … and all would be well.

Kevin Turpin



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