New shoots seeds with needs
Hedgerows home to the broody hen
Stirrings in the loins of young men

The Season of the Hormonal Male

Shorter skirts and softer dresses
Encouraging thoughts of sweet caresses

Female bodies released from winter cocoon
Will be turning heads very soon

Resolutions now easier to keep
Thoughts of loves one is hoping to reap

The season has sprung, there is no going back
Desire is there, it’s the route one might lack

Hedgerows bristling with new life at a pace
Shoots, buds and eggs all caught up in the race

Matches, hatches, it’s a time for them all
Memories made you will forever recall

A prelude to summer, don’t let it waste
Time will soon pass, go to it in haste

With someone to love, you will feel on a throne
Much better than spending time all alone

If all else fails don’t give up on the spree
Lower your sights and spend time with me.

Trevor Coleman

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