The wasp and me

photo at pixabay / alexas_fotos

All things connected?
How about the wasp and me?
Yes! The wasp and me.

I hear your approach,
With your menacing vibration.
‘WHY?’ … I hear inside myself,
‘Are you necessary to creation?’

As my judgment flares,
We become set apart
Then your interest in me,
Flies off the chart!

This emotion is ‘anxiety,’
Could it be my guiding light?
Where judgment abides,
There is always a fight.

Whose sting is worse? Mine or yours?
Arghh! Exasperation, this is not who I am!
Deep breath … remember,
This was not God’s plan.

Love connects us.
Love meets both our needs.
As I appreciate your worth,
You gently leave.

Connected to all things,
Reminded by God’s grace.
The wasp and me …
We can share this space.

Catriona Messenger

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