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Mungrisdale Writers publish collections of their work from time to time. These may be purchased by dropping an email to the publicity secretary

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Mungrisdale Writers Publications

Dating@60 contributors

Contributors (in order of first appearance) Jenny Harrow, Geoff Smith, John Fryer, Angela Locke, Vi Taylor, David Clemson, Pam Pottinger, Sally Dalglish, Margaret Bennett, Sheila Simey, Paula Lawrence, Denny Gaudin, Thomas Carolan, Sally Bohling, Jill Faux, Ann Miller, Dorothy Chalk, Elizabeth Josh, Dorothy Crowther, John Bagness, Beth Knowles, Veronica Hill, Jill Jackson, Mary Robinson (ed)

That untravell’d world

Contributors (in order of first appearance) Kerry Darbishire, Diane Jackman, Alison Barr, Kirsty Hollings, Angi Holden, Diane Pacitti, Stephen Blease, Philip Burton, Isobel Thrilling, John Gallas, Caroline Gilfillan, Terry Jones, Tony Hendry, Jenny Harrow, John Whitworth, Cynthia Kitchen, Tim Stanley-Clamp, Roger Elkin, Peter Wyton

Who loves

Contributors (in order of first appearance) Vi Taylor, Tanya Louise Laing, Michael Bohling, Mary Younger, Ann Miller, Lorraine MacKay, Angela Locke, Jenny Harrow, Sheila Edwards, Colin Armstrong, Tim Stanley-Clamp, Sue Banister

1953 and Other Stories

Contributors (in order of first appearance) John Fryer, Rosemary Hindle, Madge Leeming, Colin Armstrong, Christine Hughes, Mary Younger, Sue Banister, Charles Woodhouse, David Marshall, Mike Dare, Maynard Hall, Norma Gunn, Lorraine MacKay, Jane Taylor, Annie Weir, Vi Taylor, Jill Faux, Rosemary Hindle, Ann Miller

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