Photo at Pixabay

In the last two years I have had to surround myself with a city wall of rationality. Brick by brick, it protected me as you encouraged me to hope, no matter how immeasurably slight that hope may be. And now that your medicine has failed, all you can offer me is the fairy stories of religion, with the numbing comfort of an occasional morphine hit. Now that I, by myself, have tracked down one last hope, you want to deny me the scientific, rational, logical conclusion.

I do understand that it’s a slim chance, but it’s been a slim chance all along, and I’m ready to take it if the alternative is no chance at all. Surely you, of all people, can understand that? I want to justify science, and through me, others will see that true reincarnation, true rebirth, lies in this world. I will live as a symbol of hope to mankind. Let me be the true ‘life after death’.

Lorraine Mackay